Art Toys – New eBook
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ART TOYS – This is how we do it.
Written by Matt Jones and Jason Nagy.

Want to become an Art Toy designer and see how Art Toys are produced?
Now you can learn from the best in the industry!
All the in’s and out’s of what’s needed to get your designs into production.

– 30 Pages of useful information:

12 key chapters – Covering basics such as What is an Art Toy? Making sure you are prepared before you begin with topics like project set-up and 3D CAD modelling tips. Helpful information about production including vacuum casting, using resin, and injection moulding techniques. Even essential networking tips with production factories and industry professionals is covered. 

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7 reviews for Art Toys – New eBook

  1. Kew Boy

    “This book is a must have for all artists looking to jump into the world of Art Toys! The content gives a solid starting point for you to build on, with great tips from experts within the toy industry. A perfect foundation for every toy artist.” – Kew Boy – Instagram: @KewBoyTH

  2. Gary Boon – Art Toy Designer

    “What a great read! I found the book to be very informative whether just starting out or looking to up your game. This book has something for everyone in the art toy world.” – Gary Boon – Instagram: @MrMastrG

  3. Luc Hudson – Triclops Studio

    “It feels like the perfect time to release a book like this, everyone needs a creative hobby to fill their downtime. Matt’s advice is well-founded from his years of experience in the industry. If you have ever wanted to make an art toy, this is essential reading.” – Luc Hudson – Triclops Studio

  4. Gary Rozanski – The Toy Chronical

    “It’s a great book, Matt. I had a read this morning and I think it gives artists a solid foundation of what the background to toy creation is all about. I don’t think many realise the ins and outs that is involved. This will give them the insight they need to start down the road of toy making. Great job!” – The Toy Chronical

  5. John Stokes – Spanky Stokes

    “What an awesome collection of tips and tricks… not only for beginners curious about what it takes to make your own figure, but for seasoned pros as well – be inspired, pick up this new book from Matt today!”

  6. Theodoru

    If you are a art toy collector, who just want to have a idea, what are the steps and behind your beloved pieces or a toy designer, looking for advice and information about the process of creating and producing the next Art Toy, this is the Guide you need to get started!

  7. Andy Heng

    Want to know what are “Art Toys” / “Designer Toys”? Want to start designing and creating your own toys, but not too sure how to start? “ART TOYS – This is how we do it!” introduces you to the world of Art Toys from behind the scenes, and as a curious collector! – Andy Heng (of TOYSREVIL)

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