Plastik Surgery | Advanced Level 2 | ebook


Plastik Surgery Handbook – Level 2
The split-tooling silicone moulding method.
Written and Illustrated by Matt Jones aka Lunartik

Seasoned expert Matt Jones from has playfully illustrated this step-by-step guide covering the entire process of producing a Split-Silicone rubber mould.

This guide shows you how to make hand-cast resin figures and prototypes, using a mixture of Super Sculpey clay, silicone rubber moulds and liquid resins. The outcome of this process will be producing your very own series of limited edition figures to paint, sell and exhibit.

Written especially for artists and designer types, who wish to make their own limited edition runs of resin cast figures and sculptures! This handbook features the more complex ”Gary” figure which guides you effortlessly through this fun exciting process.

This handbook covers the entire process from concept to completion. We start with 2D hand drawn sketches, then we suggest using CAD packages to make some simple technical drawings of the design with dimensions that we can print out. We follow this by hand making a set of 3D models built with children’s clay to get a sense of scale, helping us refine design details. We move to produce a Super Sculpey clay master model which we will oven bake, clean up, spray with primer and finish to a high standard. From here we will produce our first split-silicone rubber mould, and proceed to pouring our first resin casts.

This handbook also contains; A series of step-by-step photographs to help you visualise the entire process. It shows you how to correctly mix and pour silicone rubber and gives you tips and tricks on reducing air bubbles in your silicone moulds and your resin casts. 

The book includes a materials listing of all the things you will need to acquire to start this process. Matt touches on other aspects of figure design like; painting methods, media exposure, packaging design and more!

The Plastik Surgery support site is also available and contains information and resources that you may find useful.

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