Matt has done numerous jobs in his life, both digitally and in the real world. He’s worked with wacky mavericks making consumer products, toys and websites.

He strives to make at least one piece of meaningful art, in his Berlin studio every day where he is inspired by freedom, love, friendship and the importance of a good cup of tea!

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Matt Jones’s art projects + other websites:
Keeping the toy scene safe while they are working on their projects.

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Smart Phone Addiction & Social Media:
Matt Jones no longer uses a Smart Phone, nor does he use social media.
If you would like to know how Matt broke away from his device – Download the PDF.

Solving Back Pain, the Matt Jones Method:
Matt had back pain for many years.
Read how he solved it – Download the PDF.

The Path of Freedom:
Matt explains his unique equation to the question – “How can I be free?”. Download the PDF.

The Secret of Life:
Matt explains in his words what the secret of life is all about. Download the PDF.

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