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TITANS Pre-production Resin Cast Figures
Doctor Who – Silent

2010 Original pre-production Doctor Who resin figures samples, designed & signed by Matt Jones. These were the pieces that we showed the BBC licencing team to get the designs approved. Painted samples like this were also sent to the far east to help with first run production prototypes. Matt only has 4 characters from Doctor Who Series 1: 11th Doctor, Ood, Silent and the Silurian.

Figure Details:
– Resin cast from 2010
– Primed with undercoat
– Limited to 4 pcs (2 are for sale now)
– Signed by Matt Jones
– Comes in a crystal clear display box with metal plaque
+ Cleaning cloth and signed photograph

Delivery Note:
Ships in a double walled protective box and wrapped in bubble wrap.

2 in stock

Signed by Matt