Matt Jones at Forbidden Planet LDN 700 652 Lunartik JOnes

Matt Jones at Forbidden Planet LDN

Join Matt Jones for a signing & doodling session prior to @toyconuk this coming weekend at the amazing Forbidden Planet Mega Store, 179 Shaftesbury Ave, London. 6th April from 6pm till 7pm. It’s your chance to meet with Matt Jones the man behind the cup, to have anything you have Lunartik or TITAN signed and scribbled upon.…

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The “LICK OF LOVE” Exhibition 1024 1024 Lunartik JOnes

The “LICK OF LOVE” Exhibition

Find out more >>  Visit the Page

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Pictoplasma Plastik Surgery Workshop 1000 1000 Lunartik JOnes

Pictoplasma Plastik Surgery Workshop

Master Class Short Course! I’m holding a 2 day master making class at Pictoplasma this year at the same time as the main festival. If you fancy learning the art of making designer resin Art-Toys with me, just on-board and sign up to this 2 day course, and then while you’re here in Berlin you…

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“Time Warped” Exhibition 1024 1024 Lunartik JOnes

“Time Warped” Exhibition

Time Warped! I’m curating and exhibiting in a custom art clock group exhibition called “Time Warped” at the OsloKaffe ArtSpace here in Berlin. For more info visit >>

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Draw’O’Matik Drawing Machine 1000 1000 Lunartik JOnes

Draw’O’Matik Drawing Machine

We invite you to the debut of Lunartik’s and Pablo Ientile’s Art Making Machine, the “Draw’O’Matik”. After spending many hours conceptualising & building a playful robotic drawing machine, we have found the perfect way of visualising thoughts and ideas by turning “Electric Brain Outputs” into “Analogue Artworks”. The machine will be switched on for a…

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ART TOY Exhibition | Berlin 1000 1000 Lunartik JOnes

ART TOY Exhibition | Berlin

Art Toy Exhibition by Lunartik. Over a decade of Designer Vinyl Toys on display. With over 100 Vinyl figures including Qee, Lunartik in a Cup of Tea and TITANS Vinyl Figures. Details: Runs from 3rd – 31st May 2016. Oslokaffe ArtSpace – Eichendorffstraße 13, Berlin, Germany. @oslokaffebar

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The Year of Tea 2015 Round-up! 1000 620 Lunartik JOnes

The Year of Tea 2015 Round-up!

Lunartik’s Year of Tea subscription has finally come to a close, and here’s a look at the final line up from this lovely collection of Mini-Teas. Click on the image for a closer look. All of them are now available from the LUNARTIK SHOP. Many thanks to all the subscribers from 2015 who experienced a…

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Fighting Fish Custom 1024 1024 Lunartik JOnes

Fighting Fish Custom

I was chosen as one of the artist to represent TEAM EUROPE for Martian Toys The Space Crab Wars custom showdown. My custom piece is entitled “Fighting Fish”. If you wanna go see it and check it out go to Martian Toys booth – 603 at Dcon 2015 Designer Con 2015 November 21-22, 2015 at…

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A "Cup of Joy"… How Splendid! 1024 1024 Lunartik JOnes

A "Cup of Joy"… How Splendid!

The “Cup of Joy” A Special Brew Lunartik Mini-Tea in collaboration with the most splendid chap rapper Professor Elemental. The design is based on iconic cuppa and features the Prof himself. This 2.5″ mini figure comes with hand cast resin smokin’ pipe. Limited run of 240, each one is signed by both Matt and Professor…

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TITANS Vinyl Figures "Artist Proofs" are here! 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

TITANS Vinyl Figures "Artist Proofs" are here!

TITANS Vinyl Figures, designed by Matt Jones – Artist Proof versions now available from the Artshop – Click Here

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