Art of Tea 2 – Tiny Art Gallery Piece #001

ART OF TEA 2 – #001

The first piece to come out of the Tiny Art Gallery is aptly named the “Art of Tea 2”. It’s a delightfully playful signature piece from Matt’s artistic tea drinking sessions.

  • The weighty solid beachwood plinth size: 120 x 60 x 60mm
  • Each cup stands 35mm tall from base to the tip of the brush
  • A limited edition run of 35 signed & numbered pieces
  • A choice of paint brush tip colour
  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Each cup is hand poured to perfection by Matt himself
    NOTE: Please choose a coloured brush tip!

    More Details on the project visit: Click Here

Delivery Info:
Ships tracked worldwide from Berlin from Friday 5th March 2021.

Please Note:
You will receive a tracking number and progress update for the status of your order. Due to Covid 19, Shipping around the world is super slow. For example: USA takes 1+ months, UK takes 1/3 weeks and the EU is still about a week – Pick up in Berlin is totally available.


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