The Path to Freedom – eBook
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The Path to Freedom
A graphic novel about Matt’s artistic journey.

A Self-confessed work-a-holic with a visionary dream embarks on his personal journey.
Follow him on the Path to Freedom and see where it takes him.


10 reviews for The Path to Freedom – eBook

  1. Jenny Hoppe

    That is wonderful! An easy to read story but with lots of concepts and imagery to make you think. I love the evolution of the system friend. I also really enjoyed the imagery of the big step it took to get on the path to freedom. Excellent work!

  2. Jason Nagy

    Imaginative, expressive, thoughtful, and fun! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Luc Hudson

    I just read your book, it’s really lovely. Feels like the story of your journey but there’s a lot of comfort to take from it for all creatives.

  4. Toby Harris

    This is awesome!

  5. Ruth Carter

    Absolutely loved Path to freedom! Congratulations x

  6. Dominic Leclerc

    Your book is awesome. Really cool and original.

  7. Janabo Bojana

    The book may be dedicated to artists but it is in my eyes actually much wider applicable. Very encouraging. Good work Matt.

  8. Matt

    I love this book and it’s message. It’s a meaningful, relatable story that teaches all of us, no matter our age or where we are in life, to keep moving forward. While everyone’s journey is different, The Path to Freedom is a scary thing for most to embark upon. Matt’s experience shows us that the reward outweighs the risk, and that life is always better when you’re surrounded by support.


    Having had the opportunity to blog about is toy-art and customs on #TOYSREVIL thru the years, reading the pages of PATH TO FREEDOM left me a notion that the story told might have been “autobiographical”, or at the very least gave a deeper context to Matt’s motivation and creations through the years … but beyond my overthinking, it was a fun creative journey in pictures to be had! Thank you for sharing with us your story, Matt!

  10. Phil Renaud

    A pictorial journey with bumps along the way and with a very happy ending. It’s a short read but you’ll not turn your head for a second, absorbed in the world which Matt has created. Very likely to be based on his own personal path to freedom. I’ll be coming back to this masterpiece for inspiration as I follow my own journey.

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