• 11th November 2011

What a week!

What a week!

What a week! 150 150 Matt

As you may have guessed I have been away from my desk over the last week, what a treat! Well just to fill you in, here’s what I’ve been up too.

I flew back to the UK last week, and spent a few days with friends catching up by eating plenty of English breakfast and Curry and lots of cups of tea!

The main reason for going back was because I had my first exhibition with 1UP2P.com my new venture, It was in Blackpool which is a funny old place, slightly wrong and not so nice, they say its the Las Vagas of the UK, well I think they must be blind to be honest 🙂 But while the city was rubbish! The Replay Event was brilliant fun, and I made lots of nice contacts in the retro gaming scene, and showing off my new upcoming lines of merchandise.

I also got a chance to visit my UK stock room, where i spent a day signing a very Special Brew which will be ready for December, and then I ended up signing a portion of my current products, Including mugs & Teas, which you will now find in the Lunartik Shop.

It all ended yesterday; when I flew back thu Brussels, landing in Berlin, to find I had arrived safely, but my luggage was still in Brussels airport.
I just had a call, it’s coming home now! Phew.

So next post will be about the Post-it thoughts Bear, and then onto the next exciting project I have on the go with Ubisoft!
Have a good day!