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Art Pass Artist Series Five! 150 150 Matt

Art Pass Artist Series Five!

Art Pass Series Five – Released! The long awaited fifth series of Art Pass wallets has just landed into Lunartik HQ! Over the last few months we have been secretly working away with a great group of artists to bring you the best art for series five. Each of the chosen artists has their own…

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OMG @MaxFish in Berlin 150 150 Matt

OMG @MaxFish in Berlin

Lunartik on the SlickFlick App 150 150 Matt

Lunartik on the SlickFlick App

Today is a good day for Lunartik fans!, as today I’m disclosing one of the most well guarded secrets of all time… The Legs!! I’ve been invited to make content for a cool comic making app called SlickFlick. The app is really nice and easy to use (I can use it!), and it allows you…

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Mini B.I.Y Sale! 150 150 Matt

Mini B.I.Y Sale!

Buy 2 for the special price of just £6.99 – Lunartik Shop

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Mys'tea'rious Special Brew! 150 150 Matt

Mys'tea'rious Special Brew!

Limited to 200 Teas and the first 100 will be available from the DKE booth #5045 at San Diego Comic-Con from the 17-21st July. If your not attending the con, but you would like to have a Special Brew, then you can reserve one from the 100 we have from now >> Click Here…

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"OCD Clean" Lino Prints 150 150 Matt

"OCD Clean" Lino Prints

Lino prints from the show SUCK IT UP! @SHO BCN You have a choice of two versions: Black & White or one with a splash of Gold as pictured above. Both are priced at £40.00 each.

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The Fantastik Gallery 150 150 Matt

The Fantastik Gallery

A collaborative painting with my friend and artist Billy was a real treat. We spent a lovely sunny day working on a concept called The Fantastik Gallery. Below are just a few choice images of our adventure into this weird world of new creatures! More coming soon!

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Doctor Who S2 Vinyl Figures Reveal! 150 150 Matt

Doctor Who S2 Vinyl Figures Reveal!

I was again commissioned to design the next Doctor Who Series for Titan Merchandise. Featuring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and some of his most notorious foes, including the Daleks, Sontaran, Vashta Nerada, Clockwork Robot, Cyber Leader plus more. There’s 4 hidden chase figures included and each figure is 3″ blind-boxed and certain figures…

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Spud Reveal! 150 150 Matt

Spud Reveal!

Spud by Matt JOnes. To purchase this item from the show contact for our current availability list.

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Cavey's Birthday Bash – Sneak Peek! 150 150 Matt

Cavey's Birthday Bash – Sneak Peek!

Friend of Lunartik, Holly Stanway aka A Little Stranger is having a Birthday Party for her 3rd year of Cavey madness! And to celebrate shew hosting a custom Toy show all of her own with her new Vinyl Cavey’s. I have a piece in the show, Here’s a sneak peek… The name is a give-a-way…

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