• 3rd June 2011

Spectrum Sketch – Skate Cycle for Japan

Spectrum Sketch – Skate Cycle for Japan

150 150 Lunartik JOnes

I was asked to join in with this great project by the people from the Brooklyn Workshop and how could I resist!! It’s a great looking canvas and the benefits are all going to help Japan (Global Giving). Lovely Stuff 🙂

Entitled “Spectrum Sketch Skate Cycle” – Click on the images to enlarge.

This piece is part of my Spectrum Sketch series of Art, created with acrylic paints and a selection of detailed sketches and doodles from my recent sketch book.

The artist lineup for this exhibition includes Frank Kozik, Doktor A, Jon Burgerman, Travis Cain, Owen Dewitt, Jeremy Madl, Touma, Dave Bondi, Derek Welch, Motomichi, PON and Tokyo Plastic and myself.

A preview event of the customized Skatecycles will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at Toy Tokyo Underground art studio, The Levarek Gallery. Thirteen specialty Skatecycles will be on display for buyers to get a sneak peek before they are available for purchase on Gilt MAN.

Read the Press release – click here

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