• 20th October 2010

Pre-order Mini Teas

Pre-order Mini Teas

Pre-order Mini Teas 150 150 Matt

Released date November 2010 TBC
Pre-order now for a special price.

Matt JOnes’ AKA Lunartik has been working around the clock brewing up the
cutest little Cups of Tea ever!

Mini Series One, Twelve Fresh Flavours & Four Special Brews!
These adorable Mini Teas stand only 2” tall, they come blind boxed for extra freshness.
They are so cute that… One Cup is Never Enough!

Single packs include
1 Doyley display
1 Mini heart sticker
1 Teabag booklet + Tea Token

There’s a Tea Token inside each pack!.
Collect 10 Tea Tokens and receive a signed Rare Tea – Free!

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