• 26th October 2011

Post-it Thoughts Bear – Pt.1

Post-it Thoughts Bear – Pt.1

Post-it Thoughts Bear – Pt.1 150 150 Matt

Full Circle Galley – Leeds – Friday 28th October 2011 – Curated by the Hang Gang.
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“My aim was to take it back to a per-manufactured state, removing all signs of tooling void of any manufactures mark, just as the artist originally intended.
After hours of sanding and finishing, the bear was finally covered in my thought process from the moment I worked on the design”.

Here are a few choice images of what I spent my time on…

Final images will be shown after the event, get yourself down, there’s going to be loads going on, Rumors going around that everyone will be drinking booze…
That makes me so jealous!

I have been recording my thoughts on post-it notes recently, you can see Septembers by – Clicking Here