• 1st August 2012

Mini-Tea custom pieces

Mini-Tea custom pieces

Mini-Tea custom pieces 150 150 Matt

It’s been a busy old month July, I’ve been working around the clock managing the production run of “Lunartik Mini Series 2”, and I’ve found time to make some custom teas for some very nice people.
Here’s the first set of cups i’ve produced, I have a few more in the pipeline! If you would like to follow the progress of my custom pieces you can look me up over on Facebook – just do a search for Matt Jones or Lunartik.

See all the images up close

Teager Shark

Tea’ger Shark – For Jason

Me Ha Tea

Me-Ha-Tea – For Nic

Cup-Pow – For Peter


BAT’ea – For Nikki

Oddi’tea – For Lucas

If you would like you’re very own custom cuppa, please e-mail Matt.

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