• 20th November 2010

The Special Brews Revealed!

The Special Brews Revealed!

The Special Brews Revealed! 150 150 Matt

Presenting the Four Special Brews!
Hidden inside packs of Mini Tea there are Four Special Brews to discover, they are quite hard to find, but well worth a shot.

From left to right:
QTea – The homage Cuppa – 1/40
Lunar Tea – Brewed on the moon (GID) – 1/40
Mr Tea – Strong & Black – 2/160
Lady Grey – The mistress of the Earl – 1/80

If you find them, take a photo & send it to design at lunartik.com & the best snaps will be featured on the site.

Don’t forget, there’s a SUPER RARE TEA to collect, and you can claim it for FREE with 10 Tea Tokens. 1 Token is included inside each individual pack of Mini Tea in the Tea Bag booklet! (1 Tea Token per pack, 1 Tea Per customer – They come signed & numbered & limited to only 500 pcs)

One Cup is Never Enough!
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