• 7th September 2012

Lunartik MS2 – Ready for Pre-order!

Lunartik MS2 – Ready for Pre-order!

150 150 Lunartik JOnes

I’m very happy to tell you that Mini Series 2 is now ready for pre-order from the Shop.
The release date is estimated for the 12th September 2012. And there’s a good Deal on a Tray of Tea! Have a look.

Lunartik in a Cup of Tea – Mini Series 2
This series comprises of 12 Fresh Flavours, 4 Special Brews & 1 Super Rare Collectors Tea.
There are 17 new Mini Teas to collect & love. Each figure stands 2.5” tall and is accompanied by:Tea Bag booklet, Collectors Card and the all important Tea Token!

The 12 Fresh Flavours…

…and the 4 hard to find Special Brews!

Plus the SUPER RARE Collectors Tea!
Here’s a sneak peek! – These are limited to 200 signed and numbered pieces.
Collect 19 Tea Tokens and claim yours – while stocks last!