• 17th September 2011

Good News Update

Good News Update

Good News Update 150 150 Matt

> I updated my Behance folio

> I’m part of a group custom show coming up called Beware Tall Grass
Starring: Phil Corbett, Fadeworks, Emily Bee, Okkle, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Sneaky Raccoon, Squink, A little stranger and Podgy Panda

> I’m also part of the Hang Gang’s new custom show called Icons
Starring: Pete Fowler, Jon Paul Kaiser, Sourbones, Okkle, Guy McKinley, Map Map, A Little Stranger, Stuart Witter and lots more…

> What have Tara Mcpherson, Phil Corbett, Uamou, Un-plugged and Pete Fowler all got in common? Well they all have Special Edition Art Pass Designs and they’re ready to buy from the Shop

> Over 50 people have downloaded my Resin Casting Guide, It must be good!

> There’s something in the pipeline with some Crazy Rabbits!

> And in October 2011 you will have the chance to pick up a Lunartik Special Brew!

> Did someone mention FAQ?