• 16th March 2012

Good News – March 2012

Good News – March 2012

Good News – March 2012 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Lunartik Announcement!

Mini Tea Series – Is completely sold out.
– Mini Tea Tokens are now invalid. All the Free Secret Teas have been sent out.
– Well done if you managed to get one of the limited Secret Teas from series one!.

Mini Tea Series 2 – Coming very soon!
– Sneak production shots will appear in a week’s time.
– There will be another Free Secret Tea to collect with this new series 🙂
– There will be a release party/signing in Forbidden Planet in London.
– The Mini Tea tour will continue to its next locations.

Lunartik in a Sole
– Last 4 left in the Art Shop – Click Here

You may have seen I have a new web presence over at www.1UP2P.com