• 28th June 2011

Good News, Bad News Sandwich!

Good News, Bad News Sandwich!

Good News, Bad News Sandwich! 150 150 Matt

Hi Guys,
I have a few announcements to make today…

Good News
The two Mini Teas which I customised for Marie Curie Cancer Care sold for and impressive amount. So great news for the charity and I must say thank you to everyone who bid on the pieces, and to the winner a big well done and thank you.

Bad News:
The Mini Tea Tour will not be featuring at Daragatomi in July. It was my call as I feared the extreme journey across the world would endanger these Mini creations. … An update will follow shortly.

Series 2, Large Tea Minor Delay:
As you know, when you make tea, everything takes just a little longer to get it right.
The Large Tea’s Series 2 are no exception to this rule. They have been delayed slightly in manufacture. They are predicted to land in the UK at the end of August 2011, and not July 2011 as first predicted. Just so you know, all your pre-orders are quite safe.

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