• 24th November 2012

Festive Cards Competition Winners Announced!

Festive Cards Competition Winners Announced!

150 150 Lunartik JOnes

This year we held a little competition to see if you could take a great festive photo of “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea” and we offer the winners the chance to have there image on a series of Festive Christmas Cards. We had lots of wonderful entries come in, which was surprising and this made it fun but very tough to judge.

In the end we had to choose the winners who will all have there designs printed up on to the cards. We judged it on creativity of shot and overall festive content and we choose designs that made the most varied assortment in the pack.

So without further delay…The Winners are:

Jen Beverly – O Christmas Tea

Megan Comstock – A Little Christmas Tea

Nic Van Rowley – Seasons Eatings!

Alicia García Holgado – A-Christmas

Alaina Gardner – Holiday Bedtime Stories

Susan Kent – Snowball fight brewing

So big well done to you guys, and thanks everyone else who entered!

The Card Packs are now available at a very reasonable price from the Lunartik online Shop! 6 cards for £10.00 (£1.60 per card) and a 12 cards for £18.00 (£1.50 per Card).
Order now and get them just in time to give to your loved ones this christmas!