• 24th September 2013

"Design a Lovely Cup of Tea" – Competition Winners!

"Design a Lovely Cup of Tea" – Competition Winners!

150 150 Lunartik JOnes

First Place goes to: Jellybean the Dragon by Kasey Tararuj

“Really makes it a unique piece. The Lunartik in a cuppa is still visible in there but its pushed to the limit. Nice execution too.” Doktor A

“It’s a great looking custom cup, very good use of all the components in a truly unique manner. Well worth the 1st place vote.” Matt JOnes

We also have 2 runners up, both winning some signed teas to add to their collections!

Bloody Red Barron by Kurt Brogan
“A strong pair of custom cups and a super cute style, what’s not to like!” Matt JOnes

Octotea by Annel Rautenbach
“Gotta love tentacles. Its cute but sinister at the same time.” Doktor A

You can view the rest of the great entries over here: Lunartik Facebook Fan Club

BIG THANKS to everyone who entered! and a huge thank you to the good Doktor for helping me judge this difficult competition.