Kailju for Japan 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Kailju for Japan

Sketchbook Project 2011 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Sketchbook Project 2011

My Daily Sketch Book is being exhibited at galleries and museums as it makes its way on tour across the country. After the tour, the sketchbook will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library. Project link – Click Here

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Sho-me Illustration update 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Sho-me Illustration update

It looked like a great exhibition over at the SHO Gallery in Cardiff, regrettably I was unable to attend being miles away here in Berlin, but my artwork got there in one piece so that was a bonus. The guys spent hours making everything look really nice, and they framed up my pieces and how…

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Daily Sketch Custom Tea's 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Daily Sketch Custom Tea's

A Cosmik Dive! 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

A Cosmik Dive!

Here’s the Artwork for one of my New Art Passes, It’s called Cosmic Dive, it features the ‘Night Diver’ a central character, and on the left a random night dwelling creature, and on the right we have ralph who’s very content. Art Pass – Click to buy Final piece The original concept sketch.

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The making of Mr Paint for UK Artist Ian Stevenson 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

The making of Mr Paint for UK Artist Ian Stevenson

Mr Paint Earlier this year UK Artist and all round good guy Ian Stevenson came to me with a rather interesting project called Mr Paint. He showed me his first conceptual drawings of his character and after spending a hours in meetings discussing and drinking endless amounts of tea we decided that design should be…

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Rubbish Ralph Cleaning up Brixton! 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Rubbish Ralph Cleaning up Brixton!

Eurocultured 2010 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Eurocultured 2010

Live art in the street with Eurocultured

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Posca Pen Chara Combo 150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Posca Pen Chara Combo

1 meter square painting, using Posca pens and water.

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Thunder-Tiks 150 150 Lunartik JOnes