• 6th September 2013

Art Pass Artist Series Five!

Art Pass Artist Series Five!

150 150 Lunartik JOnes

Art Pass Series Five – Released!

The long awaited fifth series of Art Pass wallets has just landed into Lunartik HQ!

Over the last few months we have been secretly working away with a great group of artists to bring you the best art for series five.

Each of the chosen artists has their own unique talent which makes this set a rather nice mix of styles.

We are pleased to announce that this series includes:
Jim Woodring, Matt JOnes aka Lunartik, Simone Legno, Jon Burgerman, Uberpup, Sarah & Den, Billy, Pablo Ientile, un-plugged, Jeff Lamm.

You can now purchase these from the respected artists websites, and you can pick up a full set from over in the Lunartik Shop

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